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Just about anything
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dfas · Aug 12 '18
In second match at the All England Club.
The Narrow Way Crochet
Learn about The Narrow Way Crochet and see our progress
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Inspiration and Ministry Through Music

Music is a great tool for both inspiration and ministry.

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Richard Fischer · Jan 20 '16
In Music Ministry of Keith Green
Natural Health Awareness
This group is chet Networkers' awareness to recognizing health problems and overcoming these by natural means.  Keep Healthy.

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Concise video presentations that provoke thought to the serious inquirer.

Hebrews 11:6 And without trusting, it is impossible to be well pleasing to God, because whoever approaches him must trust that he does exist and that he becomes a Rewarder to those who seek him out. Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
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Committed to Homeschooling
This group is for those who are already or will soon be homeschooling their children to gather and share. To ask questions to share resources, etc.
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Fortis Rex a Medevil Battle with the Forces of Darkness
Fortis Rex is a battle between the forces of good and the forces of darkness set in the times of knights and archers. It's game play takes place in a 3D world with waterfalls and wilderness.

Preview copies are available upon request.
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Young Christians Speak Out!
Young Christians (Speak Out) is an initiative to encourage teamwork and community within Canada's Christian youth. It is a vision that includes building teams for projects that impact our world and helping youth to pray, act and make a difference using the God given gifting they have. It is about young people realizing their potential and about raising the bar and encouraging a Christ like walk for generations to come.
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The Truth About Islam
Many people are completely unaware of the true nature of Islam. They believe that the Islamists are Islamic Extremists, but the truth is that Islam from its founder and all down through history is at its root and through its doctrinal teaching a dangerous ideology that teaches its adherents to practice terrible practices and to seek for world domination and the eradication of the non-muslims from the face of the earth.

Please visit The Religion of Peace website and get informed about this rapidly growing religion in the world today. Please post your thoughts and findings on what you discover about Islam in this group.

Feel free to share YouTube videos on how to witness to muslims or on how to better understand the dangerous teachings of its proponents.
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The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith
When the early church began, it was not a new religion that was being formed. Yet, to many Christians today, Jews are secondclass citizens. They take the attitude that the Jews killed our Christ therefor the Jews are not of us.

The truth is that Jesus came for the Lost Sheep of Israel. He came to His own. He came first for those who for generations had carried the word of God and the traditions of YHWH down through the generations. The Messiah of Israel was born of the Jews, lived as a Jew and followed the law given to Moses at Sinai. His life on earth, His witness, His teaching and ultimately His sacrifice on the cross were never given to humanity to abolish the law and the prophets, but rather to establish and reinforce the righteousness of God.

Abraham was justified by faith, and so are modern day followers of the Living God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Jesus, John the Baptist, and the apostles along with the early church, for hundreds of years after the resurrection of the King of Glory, kept the Feasts of the Lord, kept the Lord's Sabbath (not Sun day worship), and maintained continuity with the apostles teaching which reinforced, not replaced, the teachings of the old testament.

When Paul arrived in Berea he called them noble in character because while they readily received their teaching they studied the scriptures (there were only old testament scriptures to study at that time) to see if what the apostles were telling them was true.

Let us be faithful to studying the full counsel of God and understand that the Living God is the God if the Jews first and then the gentiles.
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Jim · Dec 11 '17
In The Merged Religion of Rome with "Christianity"
Concerned Christians Canada
Concerned Christians Canada is the co-creator of chet Network. chet Network is a joint initiative of Concerned Christians Canada and siteLease Web Solutions.

In this group we will post articles and information Christians should be informed about. Feel free to add links to articles, videos, or other inline resources that you feel Christians concerned with the thrust and direction of society should be aware of.
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Jim · Oct 27 '17
In Cultural Marxism and the Devices of the Devil
The Paganism Christianity Loves
Since a couple of hundred years after the resurrection of Christ Christianity under the direction of Rome started booting out God's word and started replacing times and seasons with demonic paganism.

It is our desire, in this group to expose people to truths that they are most often unaware of. If you are offended by the truth and have no desire to grow in your faith, then please don't join this group and be mad at the messenger.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn and grow, as much as possible and have a desire to study and show yourself approved, then please join, ask questions, and be equipped for the final reformation that God is pouring out through His Spirit.
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Jim · Dec 12 '17
In How We Got a Romish Pagan Church
Biblical Thoughts and Scriptures
This group is to share inspirational and/or challenging thoughts and scriptures. Feel free to share your favorite scriptures that have motivated you, corrected you, inspired you, etc.
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Fun and Fellowship
A place to bring your clean humor to share with the brethren.
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The Uncorrupted Gospel
Let's get back to the Bible and teach what it says rather than what the doctrines of man say.
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Jim · Dec 23 '17
In The Regulative Principle vs the Normative Principle
Sexual Purity From Birth to Death
Our society has completely wrong messaging about intimacy and the role of sex within that context. It isn't a new problem, but it is a serious evil and is directly connected with idolatry in the eyes of God. He connects adultery and idolatry together in such a strong way that one who studies scripture cannot help but see that God sees them as being so alike that they are practically interchangeable.

Being that sexual immorality is so evil in the eyes of God, we need to spend time examining, not merely what is right, but more importantly how God has called us to live; what His plan is for sexuality, intimacy and living pure from birth to death.

That's what this group will discuss and hopefully cause us to reflect on.

We will also look at relationship problems and diagnosing and solving problems with the hope of leading to personal wholeness and strengthened intimacy with God.
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Jim · May 19 '16
In Relationships, Courtship, Marriage
The Truths of Catholicism
Let us gather all kinds of information exposing the truths of Catholicism.
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Maureen Moss · May 2 '16
In Should Christians Celebrate the Feasts?
Home Decorating Ideas
There are lots of really great and affordable do it yourself (DIY) projects out there. Share your favorite projects in this group. Feel free to start discussions asking for redecorating ideas, etc.
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Off Grid Living and Instruction
Many years ago, God poured out a vision for off grid living in Christian community. We have spent many years looking into off grid concepts, technologies, and philosophies. This group is dedicated to discussing off grid concepts and sharing ideas about specific technologies and techniques.
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Jim · Jan 25 '17
In Alternative Energies
Learn about demonic symbols, tools, etc and free your self
The Christian Church who has been taught the basics of the faith needs also to learn about various demonic symbols that are doorways, entrance ways into your life and give permission to the demonic kingdom to access your life in various ways
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Biblical Creation
This group will be dedicated to the topic of Biblical Creation.
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Nathan Blake · Jun 28 '16
In Where do you want to go when you die?
Biblical Families
This group is dedicated to information, studies, videos and discussions on raising a Biblical family. Feel free to contribute.
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Jim · Oct 19 '17
In The false dichotomy of work and provide or serve God
Hebrew Roots Ministries
In these final days of the last days God has revealed Himself and His purposes for His followers more clearly.  Hebrew Roots movement through numerous forms of ministries is the tool in which His work is evident.
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Maureen Moss · Feb 6 '17
In The Jewish Roots of Our faith
Prayer for the Nations
Let's use this group to keep each other up to date on things we should pray for around the world. Thanks and God bless.
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Signs of the Times
This group is dedicated to exposing the times in which we live. It will also be for demonstrating parallels between these times and Biblical prophesy.
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Dan Peyton · Oct 10 '17
In Increasing Suicide Rates
Politics from Our Perspective
We like to share and discuss politics. Those who decide to withdraw completely from the world and not "get involved" in politics are destined to be ruled by tyrants. We are to be salt and light in all the world and that includes, family, community, business and YES politics. Let's pray act and make a difference in all arenas in life and lets not omit the giant arena of politics from the equation.

Many followers of God throughout the Bible directly interacted with Kings, Pharaohs, Queens, Princes, and various other rulers. Let's not think ourselves so pious that we couldn't possibly soil our hands with politics. Such thinking is religious and backward.

We are to be in the world (throughout it) yet not of it. Let's not be so foolish to ignore a major area of influence on so many areas of our lives. Let's pray, act, and make a difference in the realm of politics by staying informed and active.
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End Times Videos
This group will be for people to share their favorite videos on end times matters.
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