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Maureen Moss
Maureen Moss Feb 6 '17

I am not Hebrew-speaking.  As I have mentioned before, I was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church, and that even as a child I sensed that ‘something’ was wrong, although I had absolutely no idea what that ‘something’ was. 

‘The Church’ has often somehow distanced itself from its Jewish roots …. Not every denomination, but there are definitely some that have done so.  I find this extremely sad … and at the same time I feel a sense of anger rise up within me.  Perhaps not anger as much as an incredulity and frustration…. as in ‘SERIOUSLY???

Do these people in these denominations not realize that Jesus, our Savior, was/is JEWISH???  HOW can they be, at the same time, CHRISTIAN – believing that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins, and yet hate the Jews?  Or be more on the Palestinian side than on Israel’s side?  It boggles my mind!

God gave that slice of land to Israel!  Actually, He gave much more than today’s little slice.  However, so many in today’s world do not know or understand that …. because they have nothing to do with God’s word, the Bible.  And unfortunately, there are many so-called ‘Christians’ included in this group, or are at least on the fringes of it.

There can be no misunderstanding that Jesus – Yeshua (His Hebrew name) - was born of a Jewish mother - which makes Him Jewish.

Consequently, we cannot, out of hand, simply ‘hate’ the Jewish people.  That would be, simply, ANTI-SEMITISM.  Just as, for example, a large group of people hating Canadians or Americans just because of the fact they were born and live in these countries.

With regard to Anti-Semitism, there is definitely an unseen force behind it …. And that force is Satan.  He has been jealous from the very beginning, of Israel and her people.  Remember his words …. “Did God really say …..?

The enemy of our souls doesn’t want us to believe anything God says.  That includes His faithfulness to His people …. Including his FIRST people – the Hebrews – the Jews.

The One Who paid the price for our sins – Jesus/Yeshua – was/is Jewish.

That’s certainly good enough for me!