Signs of the Times
This group is dedicated to exposing the times in which we live. It will also be for demonstrating parallels between these times and Biblical prophesy.
26 members
The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith
When the early church began, it was not a new religion that was being formed. Yet, to many Christians today, Jews are secondclass citizens. They take the attitude that the Jews killed our Christ therefor the Jews are not of us. The truth is that Jesus came for the Lost Sheep of Israel. He came t...
25 members
The Uncorrupted Gospel
Let's get back to the Bible and teach what it says rather than what the doctrines of man say.
19 members
The Paganism Christianity Loves
Since a couple of hundred years after the resurrection of Christ Christianity under the direction of Rome started booting out God's word and started replacing times and seasons with demonic paganism. It is our desire, in this group to expose people to truths that they are most often unaware of. I...
19 members
Biblical Families
This group is dedicated to information, studies, videos and discussions on raising a Biblical family. Feel free to contribute.
19 members
Politics from Our Perspective
We like to share and discuss politics. Those who decide to withdraw completely from the world and not "get involved" in politics are destined to be ruled by tyrants. We are to be salt and light in all the world and that includes, family, community, business and YES politics. Let's pray act and make ...
18 members
Creation Science and Young Earth Creationism
Discussing evolution, creation, the Bible and science.
18 members
Natural Health Awareness
This group is chet Networkers' awareness to recognizing health problems and overcoming these by natural means.  Keep Healthy.
17 members
Sexual Purity From Birth to Death
Our society has completely wrong messaging about intimacy and the role of sex within that context. It isn't a new problem, but it is a serious evil and is directly connected with idolatry in the eyes of God. He connects adultery and idolatry together in such a strong way that one who studies scriptu...
17 members
Off Grid Living and Instruction
Many years ago, God poured out a vision for off grid living in Christian community. We have spent many years looking into off grid concepts, technologies, and philosophies. This group is dedicated to discussing off grid concepts and sharing ideas about specific technologies and techniques.
17 members
Learn about demonic symbols, tools, etc and free your self
The Christian Church who has been taught the basics of the faith needs also to learn about various demonic symbols that are doorways, entrance ways into your life and give permission to the demonic kingdom to access your life in various ways
17 members
Scripture Photos
Please share your photos that have scriptures or inspirational Christian quotes from great men and women of the faith from the past.
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Concerned Christians Canada
Concerned Christians Canada is the co-creator of chet Network. chet Network is a joint initiative of Concerned Christians Canada and siteLease Web Solutions. In this group we will post articles and information Christians should be informed about. Feel free to add links to articles, videos, o...
16 members
Fun and Fellowship
A place to bring your clean humor to share with the brethren.
16 members
Committed to Homeschooling
This group is for those who are already or will soon be homeschooling their children to gather and share. To ask questions to share resources, etc.
15 members
Survival and Bug Out Skills
Any number of scenarios can happen where survival skills would be important or even life saving. This group will be used to share videos, links and to connect between brothers and sisters who have a heart to be ready for any kind of situation.
15 members
Biblical Community Sharing and Caring
This group is dedicated to discussing ideas, goals, methods, thoughts, projects, etc relating to community.
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Canada Silent No More
In 2003, Denise Mountenay invited some other former abortion patients to her home to discuss the conception of Canada Silent No More and in the spring of 2004, Canada Silent No More was born as a Registered, Non-Profit Society. Our Purpose To reach out to the millions of women across Canad...
15 members
Jack the Blueberry (Help those around you!)
This will be a group to do with the updates to my new game called Jack the Blueberry
15 members
Inspiration and Ministry Through Music
Music is a great tool for both inspiration and ministry.
14 members

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