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The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith
When the early church began, it was not a new religion that was being formed. Yet, to many Christians today, Jews are secondclass citizens. They take the attitude that the Jews killed our Christ therefor the Jews are not of us. The truth is that Jesus came for the Lost Sheep of Israel. He came t...
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The Paganism Christianity Loves
Since a couple of hundred years after the resurrection of Christ Christianity under the direction of Rome started booting out God's word and started replacing times and seasons with demonic paganism. It is our desire, in this group to expose people to truths that they are most often unaware of. I...
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Biblical Thoughts and Scriptures
This group is to share inspirational and/or challenging thoughts and scriptures. Feel free to share your favorite scriptures that have motivated you, corrected you, inspired you, etc.
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Signs of the Times
This group is dedicated to exposing the times in which we live. It will also be for demonstrating parallels between these times and Biblical prophesy.
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Politics from Our Perspective
We like to share and discuss politics. Those who decide to withdraw completely from the world and not "get involved" in politics are destined to be ruled by tyrants. We are to be salt and light in all the world and that includes, family, community, business and YES politics. Let's pray act and make ...
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Jack the Blueberry (Help those around you!)
This will be a group to do with the updates to my new game called Jack the Blueberry
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Repeal Bill 10
Many Christians have taken exception to the forced imposition of GSAs on Christian and Catholic schools and all associated schools which is a primary goal of Bill 10. Such forced acceptance of an ideology is the very separation of Church and state that Thomas Jefferson (the originator of the ter...
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My projects
The projects I've been working on and am working on
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